Ends on July 1, 2019

$25.00 USD

The biennial Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize seeks to recognize Canadian poets whose work wrestles with the beauty and complexity of religious faith. Poets engaged with all faith traditions are encouraged to submit work, however this prize is not designed to erase distinctions or paper over conflict. There are meaningful differences between Muslims and Christians, Hindus and Orthodox Jews that cannot, and should not, be erased, suppressed, or ignored. Instead, this prize seeks to honor writing that explores the distinctive contours of belief and the shape it gives to modern life. 

> The prize is open to Canadian citizens and writers of all nationalities who currently reside in Canada. Canadians living abroad may enter.

> The prize entry fee includes a one-year digital subscription to IMAGE (4 issues), as well as access to the journal's digital archives (50 issues) for one year.